Saturday, April 10, 2010

Houston start off...

In America, the Salvation Army sell cars. I know this because there’s a big Sally Army superstore around the corner from my house. I went in to try and get a bike today. While I think trying to cycle on the roads might be a bad idea, all the pavements are so quiet that you can pretty much get everywhere without having to get off.

This is the first night in the house. I was looking forward to a delivery pizza as I haven’t found the nearest supermarket yet, but after ten minutes of having to put on a Houston accent because the pizza guy couldn’t understand a word I said, it turned out they don’t deliver to my area. I think they’re worried they’d get shot. ;) So it was cereal, a banana and the leftovers of an easteregg brought from home for dinner.

I’m slowly working my way through the ‘Friday Night Lights’ series, but have just had to switch it off for a minute to work out what the noise was coming from the bedroom. Turns out it’s insects outside, which make an incredible blare a bit like a high-pitched fridge. It’s amazing, they sound like they must be the size of the average domestic cat.

Anyway, tomorrow’s an attempt to find a bike, maybe try and get out to take some photos, buy a cell phone and head downtown…


  1. oh fab, you have a blog. I look forward to reading it and catching up with everything that is going on.

  2. So you've arrived safely! Looking forward to hearing how you get on.

  3. Glad to hear you've arrived safely and are settling in. You'll be an old hand by the time the other interns get there!


  4. Glad it's going well out there so far - just remember gun-violence is just a part of day to day life out there....when are you buying yours?! The insects are cicadas (Sik-ay-dahs) and they make an unbelievable noise. Looking forward to hearing your Texan accent already...haaa!