Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I feel I have been in the supermarket for around four days, and yet I’m still reduced to eating chicken nuggets for tea. With veg rather than chips, admittedly, but I still don’t understand how such a long period in Kroger’s can translate to such a poor effort.

We had the Saturday and Sunday in Houston in the end. We wondered about hiring a car to drive to NASA (no buses at the weekend), but the weather forecast was dire, so we went to the Museum District instead, and then had a wander in Hermann Park in the afternoon. It was the last night of Cats at the outdoor theatre, but unfortunately anyone singing ‘Memory’ brings me out in hives after the same girl sang it at every single school concert, I decided not to go. It turns out that this was the one night that George W made an appearance, as the production was involved with the Barbara Bush Foundation. But I got to sit at home eating cheese-filled deep-crust pepperoni pizza with the new series of Glee. Sadly W wasn’t singing, otherwise I’d have been gutted to have missed it.

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