Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Church on Sunday morning. 16,000 people, and a live show to boot. I have to say, I went in expecting to come out pretty hacked off. It wasn’t as crazy I’d expected, just larger.

Walking in was like that bit in Gladiator when he enters the auditorium. Lakewood church is a massive stadium, where the service starts off with a rock concert, and everything is filmed for the live broadcast. It’s run by Joel and Victoria Osteen, with his mother doing prayer services and the brother apparently being involved as well. Saige told one of the men ushering people in that we were both new to Texas, and didn’t really know what we were doing. Consequently we ended up on row two, where we got a very good view, but felt pretty conspicuous. People were extremely friendly, and there was only one time I almost choked on my Whethers Original (give generously to Lakelands church, it’ll make God bless you more), which wasn’t bad going in two hours really.

Other than that, we cycled around most of the afternoon. Other people on bikes wave or say hello. Cyclists are a rare species here, we have to stick together.

It’s beautiful at the moment, hot but not humid yet. Lots of green, not many bugs. I’ve also now found that there’s a Target store round the corner, so the frozen pizza supply is secure.

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